Lease End Options


1. Contact MacFarlane Chevrolet Buick GMC Limited
A few months before your lease expires, contact us to set up a lease-end consultation appointment. This will ensure all of your questions and/or concerns are answered before you begin your search. At this appointment, you can take the opportunity to test drive any vehicles in our lineup.

2. Check for excess wear
Excess wear is anything beyond the normal wear that a vehicle endures, and can be caused by neglect, abuse, damage or poor maintenance.

To protect yourself from excess wear, keep your vehicle running at its best by following your vehicle's maintenance schedule and by performing any required repairs.

You should check for excess wear - either on your own or with our assistance - before returning your vehicle. That way, if excess wear is found, you'll be able to make repairs before returning your vehicle, avoiding excess wear charges.

3. Return your vehicle
Once you've returned your vehicle, it will be inspected by a third party to identify any outstanding excess wear. You'll then be able to formally terminate your lease by paying any applicable lease-end fees and taxes.

Download and print GM's Excess Wear table

4. Calculate extra mileage
ou may also have to pay a charge if you have exceeded the mileage limit that was agreed upon when you first started your lease. Please refer to your lease agreement for applicable fees, which can range from $0.10 to $0.18 per extra km.

5. Purchase your next vehicle
To help you decide, we've created the Virtual Showroom. There, you're able to choose what's most important to you and identify the vehicle that has everything you're looking for.


If you're happy with your current leased vehicle and would like to keep driving it, then buying out your lease may be the right option. To buy your leased vehicle:

1. Visit MacFarlane Chevrolet Buick GMC Limited

2. Pay the option to purchase price

Your option to purchase price (plus applicable taxes and fees, if any) is a charge that was detailed in your lease agreement.

You can either pay the option to purchase price in full or have your Dealer assist you in setting up a financing plan.

The benefits of buying out your lease:

Less worry
If you decide to buy your leased vehicle, there's no need to have it inspected and you don't have to worry about excess wear or excess mileage charges.

Your lease can be transferred
An immediate family member or a co-lessee can also buy out your lease for the same buy-out price.